Monats-Archive: August 2018

Bonn Agile Meetup 11.09.2018

Viaboxx is hosting the next Bonn Agile Meetup on 11.09.2018 in our office. Starting at 7pm we are talking about Postagile and how agile development has transformed in the companies over the years. Cold drinks and barbecue are waiting for you. Register at Meetup
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Configuring Paperspace ML-in-a-Box Machine to run a deeplearning-showcase

Introduction Paperspace is a cloud provider that specialises in GPU enabled machines. It has a set of publicly available images including the ML-in-a-Box machines. These machines can be provisioned on multiple types of hardware, for example P4000, P5000, and P6000 machines. The ML-in-a-Box image comes preconfigured with Keras, Tensorflow, Tensorboard, Cuda, and other standard machine…
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