Monats-Archive: März 2021

Behavioral Code Analysis

Some time ago, I listened to a talk of Adam Tornhill about behavioral code analysis. As a software developer, I was curious as the term was unknown to me until then. So what is it about? Short answer simplified: It is not about code behavior. It is about what behavior leads to the code! So…
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Learning in theory and practice – Meet our new team members

If it is an internship, a working student job, or dual studies at Viaboxx, we always welcome young people that are eager to learn new things and broaden their horizons.  At the moment, we have a DevOps Intern and a Marketing Dual Student in our team: Salaheddine Foutih - DevOps Intern Salaheddine, also known internally…
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10 Years Bonn Agile Meetup

Ten years ago, on February 21st, there was the first "BonnXP" meetup in a pub in the old town of Bonn. I still remember the first meetups, in which we were just sitting around a table, presenting some slides and discussing agile topics. Since then, a lot has changed, especially in 2020. In an agile…
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