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Article on microservices published in german magazine Java aktuell

Decomposition and Separation of Concerns are especially hot topics for software architecture and technical implementations. There is often the question: how do you begin with decomposition, and how do you apply it? Should there be a monolithic frontend which uses an API gateway to communicate with other microservices, or is the frontend itself also a composition?…
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Hugo Junkers Award 2017

The cooperation network "Assistance in Logistics" (Assistenz in der Logistik) was awarded with the Hugo Junkers Award for Research and Innovation in the category "most innovative alliance" (Innovativste Allianz). The ministry for research and economics of the state of Sachsen-Anhalt awards yearly to encourage networking between science and economics. Viaboxx is part of the network…
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Our first project in the medical sector: NEOdb

NEOonsite is a CE-IVD-compliant technology platform that allows the customer to perform all molecular diagnostic tests offered by NEO New Oncology. The NEOonsite platform is based on “hybrid capture-based next generation sequencing (NGS)” technology, which facilitates analysis of tumor and therapy-relevant genes in an efficient and time-saving procedure. The accurate and profound analysis of the…
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First DelyMate brought into service by Viaboxx

After one year of intense development, Viaboxx, together with their customer BWSG, released the first DelyMate at the beginning of December 2017. The accessible and automated parcel delivery system, DelyMate, was installed in a large, newly constructed apartment building with a total of 187 apartments in Lower Austria's provincial capital St. Pölten. This model consists…
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