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Growing team – Meet our new colleagues

Our team keeps growing! In the last months, five new colleagues started working at Viaboxx. Learn more about the new team members and how their experiences have been so far: Maurice Jutkeit - Backend Software Developer Maurice is an Electrical Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik) with 20 years of experience in software development, who describes himself as…
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Expanding our network and partnerships

Recently, we have joined two partnership initiatives that are aligned with our goals of providing innovative IT solutions and improving our efforts for a good and motivating work environment. Viaboxx is now part of the Red Hat Program as a partner for OptaPlanner optimization solutions. And we are also part of the network "Erfolgsfaktor Familie"…
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Great Place to Work – Champions event

After being double awarded as a Great Place to Work, Viaboxx was invited to the “Champions event”, which took place on September 30, in Cologne, Germany. Three members of the Viaboxx team represented the company on the occasion. The event was divided into different moments, with attendees having the opportunity to learn from others and…
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Frontend testing of an Angular app with Cypress

We at Viaboxx have been using Selenium combined with Cucumber for a couple of years in most of our projects. Some negative things that we encountered are the shakiness of web tests developed with Selenium. Quite often Selenium is waiting for a DOM change that has already happened and therefore fails with a timeout. With…
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