Join Viaboxx at the Free and Open Source Conference (FrOSCon) 2019

Every year in the late summer, the computer science department of the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, supported by FrOSCon e.V., organizes an exciting program with talks and workshops for visitors of all ages who use, want to get to know or develop free software.

We at Viaboxx have been regular attendants and speakers in the past at FrOSCon. This year, we are happy to announce that we will present one talk and host a workshop around the topic of deep learning. The talk and workshop will be presented by our developers Haitham Bjanthalah and Michael Welsch.

In the talk, we will give an introduction to deep learning and present the most prominent frameworks together with our experiences using them.

The talk is scheduled for Saturday 2019-08-10 at 16:30h in the biggest lecture hall (HS1). If you are interested in the topic and want to start coding on your own, the workshop will be just about that! After the workshop, you will have coded your first deep learning network to classify cat and dog images. The workshop will be 2 hours and takes place on Sunday 2019-08-11 at 16:45h in room C115.

Here are the detailed descriptions:

If you are interested or new to the topic, feel free to join! As we have been using deep learning models in the past in projects, we are also curious to hear about your use cases.

We currently are hiring software developers, so this could be your chance to talk to our employees to get a first-hand impression of what awaits you and make a good first impression.

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