Article on microservices published in german magazine Java aktuell

Decomposition and Separation of Concerns are especially hot topics for software architecture and technical implementations. There is often the question: how do you begin with decomposition, and how do you apply it? Should there be a monolithic frontend which uses an API gateway to communicate with other microservices, or is the frontend itself also a composition? Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed up.

For software projects in medicine and pharmacology there are many technical, legal, and procedural restrictions and guidelines which must be followed. These restrictions shape and characterise the essential architecture and design of software projects in these industries.

In this article for the Java aktuell magazine, Daniel Clasen and Jan Nonnen report on one of our medical software projects realised with Spring Cloud, in which the whole architecture including the frontend has been realised as a composite system. They share their experience, the challenges they faced and their conclusions:

Daniel Clasen, Jan Nonnen: Microservices aus anderen Gründen – ein Erfahrungsbericht

Please note the paper is in German as it has been published in the German magazine Java aktuell. This is the magazine of the DOAG (the Deutsch Oracle Anwendergruppe).

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