Digital system developed by Viaboxx featured in WDR news

Viaboxx CEO Jürgen Lüders was interviewed for a television news report aired last Tuesday (23) in the Lokalzeit aus Köln program of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln (WDR) broadcaster.

Oliver Köhler’s news report “Leere KVB-Fahrradboxen” points out the problem of unused bicycle boxes in Cologne (Germany), despite long waiting lists of cyclists who would like to use them.

As a solution to the limited access and booking options that cause the problem, the news report presents the Radbox bicycle parking facilities in Overath, which are operated using the digital access and booking system developed by Viaboxx.

In the interview, Mr. Lüders shows how the system enables easy booking and how a bike box can be opened on site using a smartphone to deposit or retrieve a bike.

He also emphasizes the various booking options that allow a larger number of users to use a secure parking space flexibly, without long waiting times.

Bike parking facilities in Bonn and Düren, operated using this system, are also mentioned in the news report.

Check out the full interview on the WDR website or ARD Mediathek (News: 8:42 to 12:33 | Interview: 10:21 to 11:29).

Important: the images used to illustrate this post are screenshots from the WDR report, available in the links above. All rights are WDR reserved.

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