Next DelyMate installed in St. Pölten

In November 2018 Viaboxx has successfully rolled out the next DelyMate for BWSG in St. Pölten, Austria. The intelligent parcel locker is set up in a large housing unit with 112 apartments in two buildings. Tenants are now able to receive parcels and many other goods from online shops and local retailers in DelyMates compartments.

The parcel locker is equipped with 58 regular compartments, additionally Viaboxx has set up a 10 compartment cool locker for the reception of groceries and many other cooled products.

As in all other projects, Viaboxx customer BWSG has provided a special delivery room for the DelyMate parcel locker, which is accessible for tenants, parcel carriers and all other users via the DelyMate pinpad solution. The six-digit-access-codes for opening compartents of DelyMate via touchscreen work also on the pinpad to gain access to the delivery room. Hereby we provide a independent system for a vast variety of users such as carriers, retailers and tenants with a significant added value for everyone.

If you would like to receive more information about our software and the features of DelyMate, please visit our product website at or contact us.


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