Welcoming new team members

Our company continues growing and so does our team! In the last months, two new colleagues have joined Viaboxx. Get to know more about them and their experiences with us:

Melissa Boiko – Linux System Administrator

Melissa is a current Ph.D. candidate with a double-degree academic education in Computer Science and Linguistics. She describes herself as a people-oriented queer nerd who loves the satisfaction of fulfilling the actual needs of people in her profession.

Having 20 years of experience in the administration of Linux-based networks, Melissa started at Viaboxx as a Linux System Administrator in July 2021. Her first impression of Viaboxx is positive: I was impressed with the openness to immigrant laborers, including active willingness to engage with the immigration process, and it’s a friendly place where I feel like my opinions are heard. It was the first time that a company in Germany didn’t treat my status as a transgender non-German citizen, from Brazil, as a problem.

For her, a Viaboxx highlight is the positive social significance of the projects being developed by the team, such as automated bicycle lockers and medical image recognition.

Ishak Celik – Product Manager

Ishak has a Master’s Degree in Business of Information Systems and describes himself as positive, focused, and “user-friendly”. He has several years of experience as an IT Consultant and more than 3 years of experience as Senior IT Requirements Engineer. With his understanding of technology and analytic skills, Ishak joined our team as a Product Manager in September 2021.

His first impression of Viaboxx was that, while the company exists already for more than 10 years, there is a startup spirit in the air, which only fuels his love for creating innovative products. He enjoys the different personalities coming together as a team in a familiar atmosphere to create different products.

A highlight for Ishak is that the common language spoken at the company is English. This ultimately contributes to a more diverse team.

Interested in joining us? We have open positions! Click here to find out more.

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