Viaboxx Booking and Access System operating in Overath

An important milestone was reached with the operation of the first bike parking facilities that can be booked and accessed via Viaboxx’s digital system, delivered to the regional transport associations NVR and NWL.

The pilot phase, with use restricted to a group selected by the contracting authorities, was initiated in Overath, Germany.

This phase aims to collect feedback on the users’ experience with the digital system and the facilities for improvement.

Partnership to offer the best solutions

The Viaboxx digital system has been integrated into the facilities provided by the partner BIK TEC and produced in partnership with Epsilon Cities.

Aiming to support mobility change by offering smart solutions in the field of digital bicycle parking, the three partner companies joined together and founded Conwee GmbH.

Conwee integrates the solution started in Overath in aspects of operation and support.

More information about the joint venture can be found here: Conwee | Homepage

How it works

Source: BIK TEC (audio in German)
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